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Friends, if you are thinking of investing in the stock market, and are looking for a company that is working in different business sectors. Many investors believe that a company operating in different sectors gives good returns.

So today in this article we will tell you about one such company. Today we will also tell you what will happen by Evexia Life Care Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2026, 2030, 2040 along with the business model of an Evexia LifeCare Company.

Evexia Life Care

Evexia Life care Fundamentals?

Market Cap ₹119.47 Cr
P/E Ratio
EPS 0.02
Dividend Yield 1.08%
Debt 1.31
Book Value ₹9.87 Cr
Debt To Equity 0.12


Evexia Life care Share Price Target 2023?

Evexia Lifecare Limited is a pharma chemical manufacturing company. This company was established in the year 1990, the head quarter of the company is located in Vadodara Gujarat.

The market value of Avexia Life Care Limited Company is Rs 104 crores. It is a pharma chemical manufacturing company engaged in manufacturing a wide range of chemical products. These include Special Chemical, Special Oil, Edible Oil, Petroleum Sulphate and Solvent, Cooking Oil.

Apart from this, this company does many other types of business. The market value of the company remains very good due to doing different business. Recently the share price of the company has seen an increase of 3%. The company’s Return on Equity ROE ratio is quite low at 0.25%. The price of the company’s shares in the future may be as follows.

Evexia Lifecare Share Price Target 2024?

Evexia Lifecare Ltd Company manufactures many chemical products. Apart from this, the company also manufactures products like Best Quality Cooking Oil, Baking Edible Oil and Synthetic Leather, Rubber.

The demand for the company’s products is very high in the market, because all the products of the company are made with utmost safety. For this reason, the company’s Industry P/E ratio is 32.90%, which is much better than normal.

If we look at the company’s earnings per share EPS ratio of 0.01, it is much lower than normal. Apart from chemical business, this company also works in IT sector. In future, the price of the shares of the company will be as follows.

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Evexia Lifecare Share Price Target 2025?

Evexia Lifecare Ltd is a Small Capital Company. Being a small capital company, the company has to raise a lot of debt from the market to run its business.

As we told you, this company works in different business segments. Perhaps that is why the company has raised huge debt from the market.

Due to which the debt to equity ratio of the company is 7.80, which indicates that the company is not debt free. This company has recently built a big plant in Vadodara to start manufacturing e-bikes. If the company manufactures e-bikes running on green energy, then the company can benefit greatly.

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Evexia Lifecare Share Price Target 2026?

Avexia Life Care is a multi tasking company. This company is reducing in different business segments.

The company has started plastic reprocessing in the year 2019. Apart from this, this company is also doing very little in the IT sector. Apart from India, the company is also providing software development web development service to many countries.

In the coming times, this company can do well in the IT sector and in the electric vehicle manufacturing sector. What will be the price of shares of this company in future?

Evexia Lifecare Share Price Target 2030?

Rest of the fundamentals of this company are looking quite right, but the numbers which an investor needs the most, the same numbers are looking negative for the company.

If we talk about the dividend yield of the company, it is 0%. Despite operating in different business segments, the operating profit margin of the company is 3.40% and the net profit margin is 0.07%, which shows the poor performance of the company. The company is starting new businesses.

Due to which the debt of the company is increasing, due to which the revenue of the company seems to be deteriorating. The share price of the company will be like this in future.

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Evexia Life care Share Price Target 2040?

As the company is starting a new business every year, the number of investors in the company is increasing significantly. If we talk about the share holding pattern of the company, the promoters’ stake in this company is 9%. Investors hold majority of the shares of this company, which is 87.49%.

Due to increase in demand for electric vehicles in the coming time, this company can perform well. How will the stock price of this company be in the future?

Future of Evexia Life care?

Evexia Life Care Company is currently working with the IT sector in real estate electric vehicle plastic reproduction. The business segments in which the company is working now, they can all be in great demand in the coming times.

Plastic will be recycled to eliminate pollution in the future. At the same time, the use of electric vehicles will also reduce pollution, in which case this company can benefit greatly. In the future, there can be a huge jump in the share price of the company.

Strengths of the company?

Shares are increasing in price.
The company is reducing in different business segments.

Weakness of the company?

The ROE ratio is quite low at 0.25%.
The company has huge debt.
The dividend yield is 0%.
Earnings per share EPS ratio of 0.01 is quite bad.

Evexia Lifecare Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 to 2040 Table?

2023 1.9
2024 2.5
2025 3.1
2026 4
2027 4.20
2028 5
2029 6
2030 6.50
2040 30



All the fundamentals of Evexia LifeCare company look bad right now. Looking at the company’s figures, it seems that the company is not giving much returns to its investors right now.

It would be my opinion to all the investors investing in this company that any investor who wants to invest in this company for short term should not do so. This company can prove to be beneficial for all investors investing in the long term.


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FAQ: –

What does the Evexia Life Care do?

It is a pharma chemical manufacturing company which produces different types of chemical products.

Evexia Life Care where is located?


When was the company established?







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