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Friends, today in this article we are going to tell you about Future Retail Company. Future Retail Company works based on retail business chain in India. Big clothing and food retailer companies of India are associated with this company. Many investors are thinking of investing in this company, but they are facing some problem in understanding the business of the company.

So today in this article, we will analyze the business of Future Retail Company and tell you what the price of shares of the company in will be the future-by-Future Retail Share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030, 2040.

Future Retail Share

Future Retail Share price target 2023?

Future Retail is a large retail chain company in India. This company is a subsidiary of India’s well-known business group Future Group. Future Retail is mainly based on retail business chain.

In the retail chain business, big companies like Big Bazaar, easy day, hypercity, Virasat taaja are associated with the company. The company sells the products of all these companies in retail. Future Retail is a small capital company.

The current market capital value of this company is Rs 176 crore. Earlier this company used to be the best company in the retail business but now the business of the company seems to be deteriorating continuously.

Recently a decline of 3.04% has been seen in the share price of this company. Since the fall in share price, the return on equity (ROE) ratio of this company has become – 20.75%. What will be the price of shares of this company in future?

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Future Retail Share price target 2024?

Future Group was known as one of the largest retailers in India. Which mainly retailed domestic fashion and consumer products. Big companies like Big Bazaar and Hypercity were associated with the company in the retail chain business.

For some time now, the value of all these brands has been quite high in the market, but the business of Future Retail Company seems to be deteriorating considerably.

Initially, Future Retail company expanded its business by adding big brands to itself, but after increasing competition in the market, the business of Future Retail is gradually ending.

The number of investors in the company is also decreasing significantly, due to which the share ratios of the company are low on earnings. The company’s current Earnings to Share ratio is 0.00, which means the company is not giving any profit returns to the investors. In future the price of shares of this company will be like this.

Future Retail Share price target 2025?

The brand value of Future Retail Company in India remains quite good. Apart from this, the company has a very strong distribution network. Even during an epidemic like Corona, this company sold retail goods across the country with the help of its distribution network.

Future Retail Company is continuously trying to expand its business, the company is strengthening its distribution network by opening its stores in different cities of the country.

Although from an investor’s point of view, all the company’s figures are looking for negative right now, but the company’s Industry P/E ratio of 102.99 is much better than normal. In future the price of shares of this company will be like this.

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Future Retail Share price target 2026?

Future Retail Company has been performing poorly for a long time, due to which the company’s returns have also become negative. The dividend yield of Future Retail Company has become 0. The company has given negative returns of up to 70% to its investors in the last 1 year. Due to the high competition in the business segment in which Future Retail Company is reducing, the company is not making much profit. The book value of this company is also -22.50, which is considered a sign of poor performance.

Future Retail Share price target 2030?

Future Retail Company has taken a huge loan from the market to expand its business. Now this company is burdened with huge debt. The current debt equity ratio of the company is –11.36. At present all the figures of the company are looking very bad.

The company’s figures, which are important for investors to be correct, are appearing negative. The current operating profit margin of this company is -30.90% and net profit margin is -56.20%. Due to heavy debt, the company’s profit is decreasing, due to which all the figures have become negative. Better performance can be expected from Future Retail Company, as the company still has a strong distribution network. In future the price of shares of this company will be like this.

Future Retail Share price target 2040?

If we look at the shareholding pattern of Future Retail Company, the promoters’ stake in this company is very less. The promoters’ stake in the company is only 14.30%. Future retail company should start retail business with new companies to expand its business again. The directors of this company have said that the company is soon going to return to the market with new stores and new companies. In future the price of shares of this company will be like this.

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Future Retail Strength?

The company has a good distribution network.
Big brands like Big Bazaar, Easy Day, Hyper City are associated with the company.

Future Retail Weakness?

The company’s Return on Equity ROE ratio – 20.75% is quite poor.
The company’s operating profit margin and net profit margin are also bad.
The company has huge debt.
The company’s dividend yield is 0.


All the fundamentals of Future Retail Company look bad right now. The company is currently trying to make a comeback in the retail business segment. After looking at all the fundamentals of the company, my opinion to all the investors would be that this company will prove beneficial for those investors who want to invest for the long term. This company is unlikely to prove profitable for short-term investors.


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FAQ: –

(Q) What does the Future Retail do?

Ans. Future Retail is a big retail chain company of India.

(Q) Future Retail where is located?

Ans. Jogeswari, Maharashtra, India

(Q)When was the company established?

Ans. 1991



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