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In this article we will share information about JBM Auto Limited Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030. JBM Auto Limited Company is a company of JBM Group. This company was started in India in 1983. Apart from automotive business, Jai Bharat Maruti Limited Company is also associated with other businesses like EV, AI, Renewable Energy.

JBM company is trying its hand in all the technologies to be used in the future. Jai Bharat Maruti Company is a trusted company of India. This company manufactures Autoparts and automotive components for Maruti Suzuki. Presently electric buses are also being manufactured by JBM company. JBM is currently performing very well in the market. If you are also thinking of investing in the shares of JBM Company, then we will tell you what the target share price of the company by will be 2023 2024 2025 2026 2030 2040.

JBM Auto Limited Share

JBM Auto Limited Share Price Target 2023?

JBM Auto Limited is involved in manufacturing sheet metal components, electric buses, tools, dies and molds in the automotive business segment. Apart from this, this company is also expanding its business-like EV, renewable energy, AI. Is moving forward from.

Advanced bus manufacturing work was started by this company in 2018. After the company’s good performance in the electric bus business, the company is continuously receiving many orders for making electric buses. Recently, the company has been ordered for 200 electric buses by the Delhi Government. The company will be able to achieve good growth in the coming time and the target share price of the company in 2023 will be something like this.

JBM Auto Limited Share Price Target 2024?

Jai Bharat Maruti Suzuki Company is becoming the best company in the world in auto component manufacturing. This company has spread its business in 10 countries. This company contributes 50% in making the cars of Maruti Suzuki company. If we look at the growth of the company in India, then JBM Auto Limited Company has 16 manufacturing plants in India.

Most of these manufacturing plants are located around big companies like Mahindra, Ford, Renault, Nissan. For this reason, the company is experiencing good growth in the sales of auto components. JBM company has recently invested Rs 700 crore to expand the electric bus business. Looking at this, it can be estimated that the share price of the company will be very good in 2024.

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JBM Auto Limited Share Price Target 2025?

JBM Auto Company is continuously engaged in developing its business. New technologies are always developed by the company. Apart from this, new automotive vehicles are innovated with new innovations, research and development.

For the last few years, JBM Auto Limited Company has maintained a very good position in the electric vehicle market. Along with this, the company is also continuously making new innovations. The company has partnered with fast charging battery manufacturing company micro vast, which can accelerate the growth of the company.

JBM Auto Limited Share Price Target 2026?

If we look at the performance of JBM Company in the automobile component sector, the best quality equipment is being manufactured by the company in the automobile sector. Due to manufacturing of excellent quality equipment, the company has the trust of millions of customers.

Some big automobile companies present in India are associated with the company as customers, such as Nissan, Renault, Tata Honda escorts, Mahindra, Ashok Leyland etc. JBM Company is trying to make better quality products every time to maintain the trust of the customers. Along with this, new technology is also being developed by the company in all its projects. The company has a strong customer base. Due to which the company can benefit immensely in future.

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JBM Auto Limited Share Price Target 2030?

If you look at the company’s business from a future perspective, you will see that the company is continuously working in all the technologies used in the future like electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, renewable energy sources.

The company is also moving forward in the technology used in the future to secure its future. If we talk about renewable energy business segment, the company has formed a separate company by the name of JBL Solar which is working on 100 MW solar power project. There will be good growth in all these business segments in the coming time.

JBM Auto Limited Share Price Target 2040?

JBM Auto Limited is continuously trying to increase its manufacturing capacity. JBM Company has received many orders for things like electric buses, solar panels etc.

At present the company has 16 manufacturing plants in India. As the company receives orders from business segments like Artificial Intelligence, Electric Bus, the company will gradually increase the number of its manufacturing plants. By 2040, JBM Auto Limited Company will hold 50% market in the automobile sector.

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JBM Auto Limited Share Future?

If we talk about the future share price of JBM Auto Limited Company, then the company is gradually expanding its business according to the future. The company never focused on one type of business. The company has created the kind of technology that will be marketed in the future.

Compared to other automobile companies, JBM Auto Limited always tries to stay ahead in terms of technology. Looking at all these things, it can be predicted that in the future, apart from the automobile sector, the company will offer good performance in other business sectors also.

JBM Auto Limited Strength?

The company has been growing continuously for the last 3 years.
The company has 67% shareholding.
The company has many projects for the future.
The company has achieved good growth in different business segments.

JBM Auto Limited Weakness?

The company currently has a debt of crores of rupees.
In the last 3 years the company has registered a revenue growth of 12.81%.
Presently the training EBITDA of the company is 34.60 which is considered very bad.


According to me if you are thinking of investing in JBM Auto Limited Company, then this is the best time to invest. The way the company is investing in different business segments and making different innovations to grow its business.

This shows that the company is going to have good growth very soon. Apart from this, JBM Auto Limited is the only company which has major automobile companies in India as its customers. Government projects are also being given to JBM Auto Limited by the Indian Government, hence investing in this company now will be very profitable.

FAQ: –

(Q) What does the JBM Auto Limited do?

Ans. Jai Bharat Maruti Limited Company is also involved in other businesses like EV, AI, Renewable Energy apart from automotive business.

(Q) JBM Auto Limited where is located?

Ans. South-West Delhi, Delhi

(Q) When was the company established?

Ans. 05 November 1996

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