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Manali Petro Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030– Established in 1986, Manali Petro is a leader in the production and marketing of propylene glycol and polyols in India.

Here with the help of this article we try to analyze all the technical and fundamental aspects of Manali Petro shareholding.

Manali Petro Share Price

Manali Petro Share Price Target 2023?

Manali Petro is located in Chennai, India. Annually Manali Petrochemical produces 27000 MT Propylene Oxide, 14,000 MT Propylene Glycol and 15,000 MT Polyether Polyol and System Polyol.

MPL uses two grassroots plantations in Manali, near Chennai, to produce propylene oxide, propylene glycol and polyol. MPL markets its polyols and isocyanates imported from Japan and TDI prepolymer manufactured from MPL to meet the demand of the polyurethane industry in India.

Manali Petro Share Price Target 2023 The initial target will be Rs 69. And Manali Petro share price target for 2023 financial year will be around Rs 74.

Manali Petro Share Price Target 2024?

Manali Petro plant was set up with Atokem technology to make PO and PG and Arco to be acquired by Technip, France.

Manali Petrochemical Limited Plant-II (formerly a JV of UB and TIDCO) later merged with MPL, using Anikem Italian technology for PO and PG and Press Industrial for making polyols. The company’s product lines include propylene oxide, propylene glycol and polyols.

The first target price of Manali Petro Share Price Target 2024 will be Rs 80. And the second target price of Manali Petro in 2023 will be Rs 90.

Manali Petro Share Price Target 2025?

The production in the first phase will cater to the company’s in-house requirements and will also produce Notedome Elastomers in India and the UK.

Equal quantity available will be sold in the domestic market and export capacity is available. The project is to be implemented over the next two years and is expected to strengthen the product portfolio and provide higher value addition to the company.

The initial target price of Manali Petro Share Price Target 2025 will be Rs 100. And Manali Petro’s second share price target for 2025 will be Rs 105.

Manali Petro Share Price Target 2026?

Manali Petro has signed an MoU with Econic Technologies to introduce the most eco-friendly, CO2 containing polyols in the global market of 28 billion polyols.

MPL has signed an MoU with Econic Technologies to expand its dynamic technology that will allow converting crude residues based on fossil fuels and waste-generated CO2 into production of polyols.

The partnership includes MPL and an economic partnership to develop the technology at the MPL testbed in India. Upon successful completion, the process will then be initiated on one of the production trains in the larger MPL industry. The shared goal is to deliver CO2 containing polyols to MPL customers.

The initial share price of Manali Petro Share Price Target 2026 will be Rs 120. The second target price of Manali Petro is Rs 130.

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Manali Petro Share Price Target 2030?

Manali Petro has completed plans to increase its annual production capacity of Propylene Glycol from 22,000 MT to 70,000 MT in two tranches at an investment of about Rs 150 crore.

The proposed capacity has been initially expanded to 46,000 MT which will be completed in 18-21 months and thereafter further increased to 24,000 MT. The entire project will be internally controlled by redesigning existing resources to ensure cost savings and prudent budgeting practices.

Manali Petro Share Price Target 2030 will have an initial target price of Rs 150. And Manali Petro has a second target price of Rs 200.

First Target 2023 69
Second Target 2023 74
First Target 2024 80
Second Target 2024 90
First Target 2025 100
Second Target 2025 105
First Target 2026 120
Second Target 2026 130
First Target 2030 150
Second Target 2030 200


Manali Petro Share Future?

The main focus of this initiative will be to provide to both the pharmaceutical and food sectors. The expected future growth in both the areas will help MPL meet its post-growth sales target.

The adjustments will also ensure environment-friendly processes.
When the work is complete, Manali Petro, the only domestic producer of the product, will meet a major part of the country’s annual demand of about 100,000 metric tonnes of PG. Currently, a significant amount is imported, which accounts for more than 75% of the national demand for PG.

The foreign exchange will save significant import debt and will also further India’s ability to become self-sufficient in PG production capacity.

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Manali Petro Share Risk Management?

Manali Petro has a loan in its account, to run the company properly the company will have to withdraw the loan from its account.

Manali Petro needs to invest in small companies in their area to consume large volume and space in their area which motivates them to give themselves a big structure in their area.


Manali Petro is a good company. Investors believe in this company.Produces polyether polyols and system polyols. MPL uses two ground level plantations in Manali near Chennai to produce Propylene Oxide, Propylene Glycol and Polyols If you also want to invest in this company then you can do it.

Before this, go to its official website and take more information about this company, only then can you invest?


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FAQ: –

(Q) What business does Manali Petro do?

Ans. Manali Petro is in the business of manufacturing and marketing Propylene Glycol and Polyols in India.

(Q) Who is the director of Manali Petro?

Ans. Chatpuram Swaminathan Shankar, Director, Manali Petro India Limited.

(Q) Where is the headquarters of Manali Petro?

Ans. The headquarters is located in Chennai, India.

(Q) When was Manali Petro established?

Ans. Manali Petro was established in 1986.

(Q) Is Manali Petrol a good company?

Ans. Investors believe that this is a good company and you can also visit its website for information.



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