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Manali Petrochemicals share Limited Share is a petrochemical company. This company works to manufacture and supply polyurethane. It is a small cap company, whose market cap is 1127.45. Before investing in the stock of any company, it is very important for investors to know the opinion of predictors regarding its current position and future share price of that company. In such a situation, if you want to buy Manali Petrochemicals stock, then you should get information about the opinion of predictors and Manali Petrochemicals Share Price Target, so that you can consider buying its shares.

Manali Petrochemicals share

Manali Petrochemicals Share Price Target 2023?

Regarding investing in Manali Petrochemicals, experts say that investing in this company can prove beneficial for long term investment and getting a good return. If you want to invest in this company, then you should know more about this company.

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Manali Petrochemicals Share Price Target 2024?

In the next few months, the price of Manali shares will increase from Rs 65 to Rs 73. However, in case of fluctuation, the stock price may be more or less than this. If you are thinking of investing, then you should invest because it is an Indian company.

Manali Petrochemicals Share Price Target 2025?

Looking at the current share price of Manali, predictors believe that within 4 to five years its revenue can go up to +150.09% or more. If you want to buy this stock or buy any stock up, then first of all it is important for you to know about that company.

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Manali Petrochemicals Share Price Target 2026?

It is being predicted that by the year 2026, the stock of Manali Petrochemicals may reach 113. Investors can hold stocks in this company for a long time.

Manali Petrochemicals Share Price Target 2030?

Looking at the continuously increasing share price of Manali Petrochemicals, it can be said that it will get very good revenue in future.

2023 66
2024 75
2025 96
2026 110
2030 236
2040 400


Manali Petrochemicals Strength?

It is a company with low debt.
The company is able to generate net profit.
Able to generate cash from core business.
Improvement in net cash flow and book value per share over the last 2 years.

Manali Petrochemicals Weakness?

Decline in net profit with falling profit margin.
weak speed
Decline in quarterly net profit.
Decline in TTM net profit.

Manali Petrochemicals Future?

According to IEA, the future demand for petrochemicals is expected to increase by 40 percent by 2030 and more by 2050. The company has earned good net profit in the last 2 years. At the same time the company is able to generate cash. The share price of the company is seen continuously increasing; hence the stockholders of this company will get good profits in the future.

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The company has earned good net profit in the last quarter. According to experts, Manali Petrochemicals is a very good option for long term investment. If you want to make long term investment, then you can consider buying Manali Petrochemicals Ltd Stocks. Along with this, predictors say that if investors are looking for shares with good returns, then Manali Petrochemicals is a good option.


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FAQ: –

(Q) What does the Manali Petrochemicals do?

Ans. This company works to manufacture and supply polyurethane.

(Q) Manali Petrochemicals where is located?

Ans. Chennai Tamil Nadu (India)

(Q) When was the company established?

Ans. 11 June 1986

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