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Orient Green Power Share

In today’s article we are going to talk about Orient Green Power Share company. This company has given 506.12% returns to its shareholders in the last 1 year, while in the last 5 years the company has given 37.50% returns. Accordingly, the company has given decent returns to its shareholders in the last 1 year compared to the last 5 years.

Due to which the improvement of the company is also visible, but will this company be able to give good returns to its holders in future also and will it be able to increase its performance, or on the contrary, its performance is going to deteriorate. We will discuss all these aspects in today’s article and will also talk about what the price target of the company is going to be in the future.

Orient Green Power Share Price Target 2023?

Orient Green Power Share Price Limited Company is a small cap company operating in the power generation and distribution sector. Its market cap is Rs 1,134 crore. This company was established in the year 2006 and its head quarter is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

According to a report, the total income of the company for the last year was Rs 89.569 crores, while the total sales were Rs 28.392 crores. The promoter has 32.48 percent shareholding in this company while the public has about 67% shareholding. The net profit of the company has reached Rs 29.335. In the last 3 years this company has given a return of 459 percent. This year the company has improved its performance, after which its price target has reached Rs 14.

Orient Green Power Share Price Target 2024?

Due to the damage being caused to the environment, nowadays power is being generated using renewable energy like wind energy and solar energy.

Since Orient Green Power Limited is a company in the renewable sector, it may come up with projects related to renewable energy in the future and it can move forward in this field. The company is also focusing on the business of solar energy along with wind energy, in such a situation the production of the company can increase, and by 2024 the company can hit the target of around Rs 20.

Orient Green Power Share Price Target 2025?

The company’s performance has been looking better for some time and it is expected that the company will perform well in future too. So that today we all are able to see that people seem to be concerned about the environment, due to which emphasis is being laid on the use of renewable energy.

This will greatly benefit those companies which are doing less in this sector, of which Orient Green Power is also one. The world is rapidly using advanced technology, due to which the demand for power in the market will be seen increasing significantly in the future. If Orient Green is successful in meeting the market demand in the coming time, then by the year 2025 we will see its next target around Rs 27.

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Orient Green Power Share Price Target 2026?

Orient Green Power has the capacity to produce about 425 MW power from wind energy. The same company has gradually improved its performance within a few years since its inception.

In the coming time, this company may be seen rapidly increasing its power production capacity across the country, due to which the company may see a big boom in its business. If this company is successful in meeting the market demand and successfully completing big projects related to its sector, then its price target can reach Rs 40 by 2026.

Orient Green Power Share Price Target 2030?

This company seems to be expanding its business along with reducing its debt. Although all this is happening at a slow pace, yet due to this the company has seen improvement.

The company’s future plans may see it developing new power production sources through a joint venture with the state government to expand its business. Being a company working in the field of renewable energy, in the coming times the government can also be seen helping the companies related to this sector.

If Orient Green also gets the benefit of this opportunity, then the company’s business will be seen touching new heights in the future. The share price of this company can reach above Rs 60 in 2030.

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Orient Green Power Share Price Future?

In future, companies related to renewable energy sector may get many business projects. If Orient Green gets any big project in the coming time, then the company may need a huge investment for it.

This company is one of the small companies working in this sector, hence the company may have to take loans in future to meet the market demand. But if the company somehow succeeds in managing this amount or such small cap company gets support from the government, then this company may be seen performing better in future.

Orient Green Power Share Price Strength?

Cash flow from the operator has been improving for the last two years.
Book value per share, net profit and ROA have been improving for the last 2 years.
The stock has increased by more than 20% in 1 month.
Increase in net profit with increasing profit margin.
Revenue has been growing in each of the last two quarters.
stocks with good durability

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Orient Green Power Share Price Weakness?

Promoters increased pledged shares QoQ 2.9
high debt company
Decline in company revenue and profits.
Quarterly net profit declines along with profit margin
Highest increase in pledge by promoters


This company has not yet provided bonus and dividend to its shareholders. At the same time, experts are giving different opinions regarding buying the company’s stock. Some experts believe that the shares of this company are good for short term investment.

Whereas some other experts say that investing in this company for a long time may prove to be better. Since this company is working in the renewable sector, it is likely to have many projects in the future.

But on the other hand this company is a small company compared to other companies doing less in this sector. In such a situation, it may also be unable to invest in big projects, due to which the company may take more loans to complete the project.

Therefore, investors wishing to invest in this company should invest in its stock very thoughtfully and should also take the advice of their financial advisor before investing.


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FAQ: –

(Q) What does the RVNL do?

Ans. Orient Green Power Limited Company is a small cap company operating in the power generation and distribution sector.

(Q) RVNL where is located?

Ans. Tamil Nadu Chennai, India

(Q)When was the company established?

Ans. 2006


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