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PFC Share Price Target

Friends, today we will talk about PFC share price target till 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2030 and where the vision of this government-owned company, which offers financing in the power sector, will go in the coming years. Today we will try to know. If we look at the performance of PFC’s shares in the recent past, we did not see any special growth, but the way good growth is being seen in the companies related to the power sector in the last few years, it is in the pages of this company that Even if it is still in time, good sales are definitely expected.

Today, along with showing the business of Power Finance Corporation (PFC) well, we will also look at the future opportunities of the company’s business, which will give us good data. Know how much Power Finance Corporation (PFC) share price target is up to Rs. These are the capabilities. Let us discuss in detail-

PFC Share Price Target 2024?

Presently, Power Finance Corporation (PFC) is India’s largest government owned NBFC, which mostly provides project finance to power sector companies. Due to the rapidly increasing demand in the power sector, most of the companies are seen taking more and more finance from PFC for the development of new projects, due to which a huge jump has been seen in the loan book of the company in the last few years. It is being seen continuously from time to time.

According to the management, due to the way the company’s loan book is seen increasing, the company’s profit can definitely see a very good growth in the coming days. If seen, many such projects are still seen pending with PFC, which means that very soon the company will be seen providing financing for these projects, due to which the loan book of the company will be seen growing at a very good pace. Used to be.

First Price Target – 470

Second Price Target – 480

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PFC Share Price Target 2025?

Power Finance Corporation (PFC) has kept its loan book well diversified, in which the company has given 83 percent of its loan book to the government sector and 17 percent to private sector companies. For the last few years, PFC has been seen giving loans of higher amount only to those companies whose loans are less likely to become NPA, due to which the company has been seen reducing its NPA to a great extent. And in the coming days also, the management of the company is working to reduce some big NPAs.

Analysts say that the way PFC seems to be trying its best to reduce the NPA of its loans, there is every hope of a good improvement in the NPA of the company in the coming days. As the NPA of the company is seen decreasing, the company is going to be seen providing financing to more and more projects in the coming time and this gives full hope that the business of the company will improve.

First Price Target – 500

Second Price Target – 510

PFC Share Price Target 2026?

Along with the financing business in the power sector, PFC has 16 subsidiaries and 2 joint venture companies, apart from this the company has the largest holding in REC Ltd. The way PFC is seen increasing investment amount in its subsidiary companies of different sectors to rapidly expand its business, the company is definitely going to see benefits in the long run.

Apart from this, Power Finance Corporation (PFC) is also seen making huge investments in many such mega projects of power sector, with the help of which there is definitely a possibility of huge growth in the business in the coming time. In the coming years also, as the company will be seen increasing the investment amount in its various subsidiary companies and new projects, gradually the business will also show full potential to grow accordingly.

First Price Target – 580

Second Price Target – 600

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PFC Share Price Target 2030?

If seen slowly, the way governments of most countries are rapidly increasing their focus on Clean Energy keeping the environment in mind. Most of the companies in India are increasingly seen increasing their focus on Clean Energy project development, due to this, Power Finance Corporation (PFC), a finance company in the power sector, is seen as a very good company. She is coming.

If we look at the future also, the demand for Clean Energy is going to increase in good quantity in the market, due to which, to increase the production of power, the companies associated with this sector have invested a good amount of energy in developing their new projects. Will be seen taking loan. If we look at it, due to Power Finance Corporation (PFC) offering very good interest rates in the Clean Energy sector, the company is getting maximum benefits from it.

First Price Target – 700

Second Price Target – 790

PFC Share Price Target 2040?

If seen in the long run, due to the rapidly increasing usage of power every day, there is full potential for good growth in all the companies associated with this sector. Even now in India, power consumption is very low compared to other developed countries. In the coming days, people will be seen increasing power consumption more and more through different mediums. Due to this, power production companies will become more and more involved. By taking loans, we will be seen increasing investment in new projects, the benefits of which are expected to be benefited by Power Finance Corporation (PFC).

Apart from this, different companies are seen distributing loans in the PFC Electric Vehicle segment, just as a very good market is being created in the EV segment, due to this, it will become a good source of revenue for the company in the coming years. Can be seen.

First Price Target – 850

Second Price Target – 1200

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PFC Share Price Target Future?

If we look at the power sector in the future, the government and private companies have started working on new projects rapidly in the Renewable Energy segment, and in the coming days, work on many projects in the Renewable Energy segment is going to be seen increasing. Due to which Power Finance Corporation (PFC), which provides maximum amount of finance in this sector, is going to get the maximum benefit.

At the same time, the government is also seen providing many facilities on new projects to all the companies working in this sector to promote the power sector rapidly, due to which the companies are rapidly starting work on new projects. It is visible and since PFC is a government company, it is expected that this company will get the financing for most of the projects, due to which there is full hope that the business of the company will gradually grow with very good growth. .

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PFC Share Price Target Strength?

With the increasing demand for power, new projects are going to be implemented at a rapid pace in the coming days, due to which PFC will be seen earning huge profits by financing these big projects, which will lead to good growth in the company’s business. It is definitely going to be seen happening.

PFC Share Price Target Weakness?

Talking about the biggest risk in the business of Power Finance Corporation, being a government company, sometimes PFC has to leave the profit and invest in many projects at the behest of the government, even if there is no profit, due to which there is a huge loss in the profit of the company. A big impact can be seen if in the coming days the company has to make investments at the behest of the government, then the pace of business growth may seem to slow down a lot.


There is no doubt that as the work on power projects seems to be progressing rapidly, there is every possibility of good growth in the business of PFC which is providing finance to it. Although being a government company, you see very little chance of a big rise in the share price in the long run, but in terms of dividend, this company will not disappoint you at all.


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FAQ: –

(Q) What does the PFC Share Price do?

Ans. Presently Power Finance Corporation (PFC) is India’s largest government owned NBFC which mostly provides project finance to power sector companies.

(Q) PFC where is located?

Ans. New Delhi, India

(Q) When was the company established?

Ans. 1986

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