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Trident Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026,2030,2040: Currently, there are many such stocks in the share market which are being eyed by Indian retail investors for a long time.

 Trident Share Price


Trident Limited is one of those companies which has been growing continuously for the last few years. Trident Limited Company is maintaining a strong hold in the share market on the basis of its marketing and its products.

So let us know today what could be the share price of Trident Limited Company in the years 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030, 2040?

Trident company was started in 1990 with the name of Abhishek Industries Limited but in the year 2011 its name was changed to Private Limited.

The market value of Trident Limited Company is Rs 19000 crore. Trident Limited Company also has two subsidiaries, namely Trident Global Corp Limited which is a completely Indian company and the other is Trident Europe Limited which is a foreign company.

Talking about the products of Trident company, this company manufactures textile yarn paper products. The chairman of this company is Mr. Rajeev Diwan, and the managing director of the company is Deepak Nanda.

Last year, Trident Limited Company gave 350.57% return to its investors which is considered very good.

Trident Share Price Target 2023?

Currently the stock price of Trident company is running between ₹35 to ₹40. Trident Company’s P/E ratio is 23.04 and Sector P/E is around 107.

These figures show that the company’s share price is currently trending quite low. Last year the company’s share price had reached around ₹70 to ₹80.

According to the report presented last year, the share price of Trident Textile Limited Company decreased by 50%, the reason for which is being attributed to the Corona epidemic.

Now the chairman of this company, Rajiv Diwan, says that the company is now growing again, the price of its shares may increase soon.

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Trident Share Price Target 2024?

Trident Limited Company in India is the largest paper manufacturing company based on ISRO Best Paper with the capacity of 175000 MT.

Trident Limited Company has a market share of 13% in the Indian copier segment. This company is the largest paper supply company in India.

At present, the managing director of the company has left his post but the chairman of the company has decided to recoup the company soon. The company’s share price may increase significantly in the coming year.

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Trident Share Price Target 2025?

The company holds a 12% share in India’s copy market. Trident Company is taking advantage of being located in Punjab, which is the largest state in wheat production.

The company purchases wheat straw from Punjab itself at low prices. The company holds 30% market share by selling this wheat straw in Delhi NCR and North India.

If we look at the records of the company in the past years, the company has given CAGR returns up to 46%. Investors believe that the company’s shares may see a rise very soon.

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Trident Share Price Target 2026?

If the performance of the company remains good in the coming few years and the company exports its quality products abroad, then the share price of the company can go up very quickly. The company has recently made many efforts to increase its profit margin.

The financial condition of Trident Limited Company is still quite strong but for the last few days the sales figures are not looking so good. If the future of the company’s export business is good then the company will soon make good profits.

Trident Share Price Target 2030?

The management of Trident Company is quite qualified and experienced but the company mainly needs to deal with problems like foreign exchange exposure, margins, dependence on export of products.

If the management team of the company addresses all the concerns of the company, then there can be significant growth in Trident company in the coming years. This can become the most preferred company for investors who want to invest in it for the long term.

Trident Share Price Target 2040?

The management team of the company is making efforts to increase the sales of all the products of the company by making new plans soon. The company has valuable customer marketing which plays an important role in the growth of the company.

If the company increases the manufacturing of its products in the coming time, then the company’s share in the textile market can increase significantly. By doing this the price of the company’s shoes can also go up significantly.

Trident Share Weakness?

The company sells its products in more than 150 countries.
The company wants to have diversified revenue with market position in home textiles segment and make the company Make in India.
The company has patented more than 12 products which makes the company stronger than its competitors.
If we look at the last 3 years, the ROE of the company is 15.16%.
The company’s profit has increased by 30% in the last 3 years.

Trident Share Future?

Trident company is currently working in home textile as well as other sectors. Various types of products are produced by the company.

If we talk about the share price of the company, then currently the share price is very low. The chairman of the company believes that now the company is going to change its business model and due to the prices of raw materials, there are so many fluctuations in the company.

Soon the chairman of the company is going to work again in a new segment and he says that the company can achieve good growth in the coming 2 years. Seeing this, it seems that the share price of the company may increase in future.


The opinion regarding Trident company will remain the same, the company is not running in profit right now. Those who want to earn profit by investing money in the company for a short time, they should wait for some time.

The company is going to develop a new manufacturing plant and the company is also going to get a huge order from the United States in the coming time.

After some time, when the company comes back to its normal pace, then both investors who want to invest for a short period of time and those who want to invest for a long time can invest their money without any worries.


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FAQ: –

(Q) What does the Trident Ltd do?

Ans. Talking about the products of Trident company, this company manufactures textile yarn paper products.

(Q) Trident Ltd where is located?

Ans. Ludhiana, Punjab

(Q) When was the company established?

Ans. 1849




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