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Friends, today we will talk about what kind of potential is there in the upcoming shops of companies providing various types of services in the digital segment.

Earlier, most of the shares of Vakrangee were favorite, but recently, big investors did not even like to see this stock. Vakrangee Share Price Target

Today, along with analyzing the complete details of Vakrangee’s business, we will also take a brief look at the future opportunities of the company so that we will know how much Vakrangee share price target has the potential to reach in the coming years.

Vakrangee share price target

Vakrangee Share Price Target 2023?

Vakrangee Ltd, which was involved in software related business in earlier days, but currently the company mainly provides many services to the customers like banking, insurance, financial, e-commerce, ATM through its Vakrangee center.

The main focus of the company’s business is that the company is seen providing all types of digital services through its Vakrangee centers in every small village and city where there is a lag in the work related to digital services.

At present, the company has more than 19200 Vakrangee centers in TIER 5 and TIER 6 cities across the country.

The entire focus of the management is to reach its centers to every small village in the coming days. As Vakrangee centers of the company are seen spreading everywhere, accordingly you are going to see a good boom in the business of the company too.

If you see growth in the business in the coming days, then in Vakrangee Share Price Target 2023, you have full hope of getting the first target of Rs 19, showing very good growth. After this target you will soon see another target touching Rs 21.

Vakrangee Share Price Target 2024?

At present, Vakrangee is trying its best to provide better service to the customers with the help of its Vakrangee Kendra by partnering with new companies.

Recently, Vakrangee has partnered with Yatra, an important company in the travel industry, to provide all kinds of travel-related services through its platform, which has helped the company grow its business rapidly.

The way Vakrangee is seen partnering with new companies, it can definitely be said that Vakrangee is slowly bringing the center to a strong position.

In the coming days also, the company is making full plans to work in partnership with many other companies, due to which it can be expected that there will be a very good growth in the company’s business in the coming times. Looks like it’s going to happen.

As the partnership with the company will be seen increasing, if seen in Vakrangee Share Price Target 2024, along with giving good returns,

the first target can be seen showing Rs 49 to you. After that you can think of holding another target for Rs.52.

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Vakrangee Organization Share Price Target 2025?

Vakrangee is slowly venturing into new business segments to grow its business. Recently, the company has partnered with Edusaksham to provide E-learning solution, it seems to be working in pairs,

through this the company is going to provide all kinds of facilities like Online Tuition, Online Class, Course to its customers. .

In E-learning solution, the company’s full focus will be on those places where development has not been seen so far, in the coming days, the management is fully expecting that Vakrangee’s business can show a good growth from these places. 

If good business growth is seen in E-learning solution, then Vakrangee’s business is going to be seen to become another good source of income.

If good growth is seen in the new business segment Share Price Target 2025 With the growth of the business, you can see the first target of Rs.58. And then you can think of holding another target for Rs.65.

Vakrangee Share Price Target 2026?

To increase the growth of his business, Vakrangee is constantly showing focus on increasing new revenue sources in his business. Recently, the company has also launched a platform called BharatEasy.

With the help of this platform, the company is seen doing many services like Online shopping, Total Healthcare, Bill Payments/ Recharges, Loan Products/ Mutual Funds, Travel/ Entertainment. Coming.

In the coming time also Vakrangee is working on a complete plan to offer many different new services to its customers with the help of this Super App. As the company continues to increase its services on this digital platform,

it is expected that along with the increase in the revenue source of the company, the business will also grow accordingly.

As the company continues to increase its services, if seen in Share Price Target 2026, then along with growing the business accordingly,

the first target can be seen going around Rs. After having this target interest, you can definitely see the second target to be rupee interest.

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Vakrangee Share Price Target 2030?

Looking at the business of Vakrangee, it can definitely be said for long-term investors that at present there is no huge opportunity for growth in this business segment of the company.

Although the financial performance of the company has definitely seen improvement for some time now, considering the future business of Vakrangee, staying invested in this business for a long time is not the sign of a good investor.

Even if in a short period of time, due to some good news in Vakrangee share, you may see a good growth in the share price, but in the long run, it is very important to keep the business updated with the new changes in your business to show good performance.

Yes, if the company is not successful in keeping itself updated with the future technology, then it may see a huge decline in business.

In the long run, if the company is seen improving its business, then looking at the Vakrangee Share Price Target 2030,

the share price may be seen trading around Rs 60 along with earning good returns to the shareholders.

First Target 2023 19
Second Target 2023 21
First Target 2024 49
Second Target 2024 52
First Target 2025 58
Second Target 2025 60
First Target 2026 65
Second Target 2026 68
Target 2023 70


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Vakrangee Future?

From the future point of view, there seems to be little chance of big growth in Vakrangee share, but the way the company seems to be generating good revenue growth by using its Vakrangee center,

due to this the share price will remain high for the coming few years. There is definitely hope of continuing good growth.

The technology business segment in which the company previously worked is not yet in use, hence the future vision of Vakrangee’s business is not yet clear, due to which this stock is a good option for long-term investors. Can’t see

Vakrangee Risk?

If we look at the biggest risk in Vakrangee’s business, the company provides its digital services in small villages and cities, in the coming time,

as people are becoming digital, they will be seen doing their work sitting at home, due to which the company’s Can make the biggest impact on business.

Second risk: If we look at Vakrangee’s business, the company does not see that much opportunity for expansion, due to which if the company does not make changes in its business, there will be an impact on growth in the future.


There is no doubt that Vakrangee share has little chance of great growth in the long run. If you are a long-term investor, then instead of investing in the shares of these companies, investing in the shares of the company working in the future would be correct in my view.

But keep in mind that before taking any investment decision, do not forget to do your own research or take the help of your financial advisor.


Dear valued viewers,

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Q. Is Vakrangee a debt free company?

Ans. Yes, Vakrangee appears to be a completely debt free company right now.

Q. Who is the CEO of Vakrangee Company?

Ans. Dinesh Nandwana is currently the CEO of the company.

Q. How will Vakrangee share be in future?

Ans. Looking at the current business of the company, investing in Vakrangee shares does not seem to be a good idea for the future. The future will depend on what kind of decisions the management of Vakrangee takes to improve its business. The future will depend.

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