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It cannot happen that there is talk of the stock market and there is no talk of Wipro. Talking about the IT sector company, this company has also been named along with Infosys, Tiktok, it is Wipro company.

Today in this article we will discuss about Wipro share price and its target in pure detail.

Wipro Share Price

Information about Wipro company?

Wipro company is present on the tier number in India’s largest company which is located in IT sector. Its headquarters is located in Bengaluru city. Its emergency was imposed by Azim Premchandji in the year 1966. This company works in information products.

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Information about Wipro Share Price?

If we talk about today’s time, its price is around Rs 635 (October 2021). If we talk about June 1999, its price was less than Rs 15. If we talk about October 2021, it is currently working at Rs 394.

If we talk about the shareholders who have invested in it, then this stock has earned a lot of profit for the shareholders.

How many returns has Wipro given till date (Wipro Share Price Returns)?

If we talk about Wipro‘s returns, it has given approximately 45.07% returns in 6 months. If we talk about the last 1 year, it has given returns of around 89.50% and till date, this stock has given returns of more than 4504%. If we talk about returns, it has earned huge returns to the shareholders.

Now you will think that the stock has already given so many returns i.e. it is overvalued then why should you buy it, then we will tell you in detail further whether it is worth buying now or not.

Wipro Financial Records?

If we talk about its revenue, then in the years 2019, 2020 and 2021 it is approximately 589060, 613401 and 622425 crores. If we look carefully, we are seeing growth in it.

If we talk about net profit, then in the year 2019 and 2021 it was around 9768 and 10855 crores.

If we talk about its EPS (Earnings Per Share Basic), then it was around 14.99, 16.67 and 19.11 in the years 2019, 2020 and 2021.

What could be Wipro Share Price Target 2022?

Wipro, a prominent player in the IT sector, boasts a substantial market capitalization of approximately ₹2,10,000 crore.

Presently, Wipro’s stock is trading within the range of ₹312 to ₹410. Factors such as Wipro’s financial stability, growth prospects, competitive positioning within the IT industry, and the overall economic climate should all be carefully assessed.

What could be Wipro Share Price Target 2023?

If seen, it is increasing since the time of Kovid, it is not taking any name of stopping. Since the time of Kovid, it has given more than 300% returns, which has tripled the money of the shareholders till now.

Even if we talk about one year, its business has spread in many countries. They also have to associate with other companies to increase their business. Going ahead with the addition of new companies and customers, the growth of the company is expected to remain the same.

If we talk about its target for the next one year, then according to experts, it can go up to around Rs 743-750.

What could be the Share Price Target 2024?

In the realm of India’s IT landscape, Wipro Limited stands as a well-established player with a commendable track record.

Therefore, while analysts express positive sentiment regarding Wipro’s share price prospects in 2024, investors should approach such projections with caution.

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What could be the Share Price Target 2025?

It is counted in one of the major company of India i.e. Wipro company. If seen, in the coming time, it is being estimated that there will be more rapid growth in the IT sector. If we talk about its target till the year 2025, then it can go from about 950 to 1000 rupees.

So if you are thinking of investing in any stock for long term then you can also think about this stock after doing your research.

What could be the Share Price Target 2026?

The outlook for Wipro’s share price target in 2026 is quite optimistic and shows promise for potential gains.

A crucial aspect for investors to keep in mind is that a substantial portion of Wipro’s revenues, approximately 96%, is generated from foreign currency sources.

What could be the Share Price Target 2027?

Despite the challenges presented by the current economic environment, there is a prevailing sense of optimism that Wipro possesses the resilience and strategic capabilities required to navigate these hurdles successfully and ultimately achieve its targeted share price in 2027.

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What could be the Share Price Target 2028?

Wipro’s stock is currently in the spotlight, with analysts setting a notably optimistic target price.

What could be the Share Price Target 2029?

Furthermore, Wipro’s low debt-to-equity ratio of 0.14 signifies a secure financial position, with manageable debt totaling ₹5,815.20 crore.

Amidst the backdrop of a continually expanding IT sector characterized by ongoing increases in both profits and sales, Wipro’s share price target appears highly promising.

What can be Share Price Target 2030?

If you look carefully about this company, then there is a lot of development in it and in the coming time, this sector is going to dominate and it is considered one of the best company in India, which is a big company in itself.

There are things. If experts are to be believed, then in the coming time i.e. by the year 2030, the share price of this company can even reach Rs 3000 per share, which is a huge thing.

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2022 Target  312 to 410
2023 Target  743 to 750
2024 Target  800 to 900
2025 Target  950 to 1000 
2026 Target  1050 to 1100
2027 Target  1200 to 1300
2028 Target  1350 to 1400
2029 Target  1500 to 1650
2030 Target  1700 to 2000


If we talk about Wipro Share Price, then it is one of the very good companies. The coming time is all about Artificial Intelligence, hence a lot of growth is visible in it in future, therefore, if you want to remain in it for a long period, then you should definitely invest in it. Good returns can be seen. This stock is included in Nifty 50, so you can go with it.

Be it any stock or investment, you will have to do your own analysis and then decide whether to invest in it or not. Always invest only where there is high guarantee of returns and the risks are also negligible. Do tell us how you liked our article Wipro Share Price.


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FAQ: –

Q: When was Wipro company established?

Ans: Year 1966.

Q: Where is the headquarters of Wipro company located?

Ans: Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Q: In which sector does Wipro company work?

Ans: IT Sector.

Q: Who is the owner of Wipro company?

Ans: Azim Premchandji.



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