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Zomato Ltd is the only company in India which is capable of delivering food within 20 minutes. Zomato is at the forefront of online food delivery.

Apart from this, now Zomato has also started delivering home ration and other items. Zomato is the only company in the stock market which does not have any debt.

The company is performing very well due to its business model, if investors want to invest in this company, then they can invest in this company.

Before investing, let us know something more about this company and how the company will grow in the future. What will be the company’s share price by 2023 2024 2025 2026 2028 2040?

Zomato is a multi-national restaurant aggregator and food delivery company. This company was founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chadha in the year 2008.

The head quarter of the company is located in Gurugram, Haryana. The shares of Zomato company made its debut in the stock market in 2021. Since then, the company’s share prices have remained good. Zomato company works on food chain delivery. And here in India it is also developing very fast. So, let’s know more about Zomato.

 Zomato Ltd

Zomato Ltd Share Price Target 2023?

The stock market value of Zomato company is more than Rs 53 thousand crores. This means Zomato company is a very big company. Apart from this, the company also does not have any kind of debt.

Despite having such a huge market value, Zomato company is not performing well. This year’s revenue of Zomato company is quite surprising. If we talk about the share price of the company, then this year the share price of the company will be like this.

Zomato Ltd Share Price Target 2024?

The current financial condition of Zomato company is not good right now. The company is continuously making efforts to increase its sales. Zomato company directly targets those people who do not want to go out to get food and want to eat at home.

The company has also been investing money in its marketing recently. Which is quite positive from the development point of view. The management of Zomato company is working very well to increase the sales of the company.

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Zomato Ltd Share Price Target 2025?

The business model of Zomato company runs entirely on mobile. The company does all its business on mobile only, which is a good thing. The company currently wants to grow rapidly; hence the company is busy raising capital.

The company is also increasing its delivery speed and services for which it is reducing its equity in the market. If the marketing of the company is good in the coming time and it is used more by the people, then the company can earn a good profit.

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Zomato Ltd Share Price Target 2026?

Zomato company is currently growing at a slow pace. If the company creates a profitable segment for itself, then the company’s stock may rise significantly in the coming time.

The company will have to partner with more and more restaurants and hotels to move ahead of its rivals. Due to which the company will be able to grow rapidly with time.

Zomato Ltd Share Price Target 2030?

Zomato is currently India’s largest food delivery company. The brand value of the company remains quite good in the share market. At present, Zomato is only doing food delivery, but in the coming time it is going to increase more facilities.

It is planning to deliver everything from food to medicines to the people. If all the plans of Zomato are developed soon, then Zomato will go far ahead of all the other rival companies.

Zomato Ltd Share Price Target 2040?

The best thing is that Zomato company is still debt free despite being in loss. In the coming times, the way Zomato company is investing money in its marketing and services. This proves that the company is soon going to top the stock market.

Zomato company is developing food chain system by partnering with more and more restaurants. Currently about 5000 employees are working in Zomato. And if the demand for food delivery increases in the coming time, the number of employees may also double.

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Zomato Share Strength?

The company is free from debt.
The company’s current ratio and quick ratio, both 8.41, indicate excellent performance.
Zomato has shown a good revenue growth of 65.55% in the last 3 years.
The company has an efficient cash conversion cycle.
Zomato has about 50% share in the food delivery market.
Has good brand value.
Zomato is present in more than 24 countries.
Zomato has a strong customer base.

Zomato Share Weakness?

Despite having a good business plan, the company is continuously incurring losses.
The company has shown very poor profit growth of -311.20% in the last 3 years.
The company’s ROE over the last 3 years was as bad as -78.10%.
The profit margin of the company is also decreasing significantly.

Zomato Ltd Share Future?

If we talk about Zomato’s shares, then the company can grow in the coming time. The way the company is currently partnering with restaurants to expand the food chain. The company is spending money to increase marketing. It is also planning to provide more than one service to the customers. From this it can be estimated that the share price of Zomato company may increase in the future.

With time, the company is going to provide many more services to the customers besides ordering food. The biggest advantage for Zomato company is that company services are being provided on mobile. The company’s share price will definitely increase in the future.


If it is my opinion, then those who want to invest money in the company for some time can do so now. Now the company is about to start providing new services, due to which the company’s share price can increase significantly in the market. For investors who want to invest money in the company for a long time, I would suggest them to invest more money in the company because the company is soon going to provide many services on its app.

Zomato is soon going to try its hand in courier delivery along with food delivery. Investors who want to invest a little money for a short period of time can invest comfortably. But investors who want to invest money for a long time should wait for some time.


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FAQ: –

(Q) What does the Zomato do?

Ans. Zomato is the only company in India which is capable of delivering food within 20 minutes. Zomato is at the forefront of online food delivery.

(Q) Zomato where is located?

Ans. Gurugram, Haryana, India

(Q) When was the company established?

Ans. July 2008

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